Articles about 'Yield Improvement'

Winter Issue 2015

22 January, 2015


Addressing Thin Film Thickness Metrology Challenges of 14nm BEOL Layers

This paper describes a method to effectively monitor the film stack at different metal CMP process steps using a spectroscopic ellipsometer metrology tool. By proper modeling of the Cu dispersion and simulating the underlayer film information underneath the Cu pad, a single measurement recipe was developed which can be used to monitor each process step in the metal CMP process with stable and reliable results.

Winter Issue 2014

9 January, 2014

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Broadband Plasma Defect Inspection

Advanced defect detection, metrology, and review systems are utilized by IC manufacturers to ramp new processes, increase yield and ultimately increase profitability. KLA’s unique broadband plasma inspectors offer the most capable technology for discovering all of the yield-critical defect types on leading-edge devices.

Winter Issue 2012

1 February, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Solar Manufacturing

Solar electricity generation is playing an increasingly important role in the global move toward more environmentally friendly energy sources. With photovoltaic (PV) devices being the fundamental building blocks in the solar revolution, achieving high-quality, high-volume PV manufacturing is a key element for success. Deploying process control systems and strategies throughout the solar fab line is essential for helping solar cell manufacturers improve efficiency, yield, and thus, overall profitability.

Spring Issue 2011

1 March, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: LED Manufacturing

LEDs are quickly transforming the lighting industry. High Brightness LED (“HB-LED”) usage is increasing for new applications as manufacturing costs decrease and performance improves. Applications such as mobile phone LCD screens and keypads and flashlights for camera phones have been the drivers for market growth in the last couple of years, as well as car headlights, LCD TV backlights and traffic signaling. HB-LED’s typically are used for high-end applications, making quality control imperative.

Winter Issue 2005

9 December, 2005
Winter 2005 Volume 7, Issue 1


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