Articles about 'In-Situ Temperature'

July Issue 2017

1 July, 2017


Patterning Trends for Advanced IC Manufacturing

With the move to sub-10nm design nodes, the utilization of multi-patterning techniques has intensified, with triple patterning (LELELE), self-aligned quadruple patterning (SAQP), and other complex patterning technologies being utilized to achieve smaller design nodes. IC manufacturers face many technical challenges when implementing advanced multi-patterning, including: the proliferation of process and design systematic defects; extremely tight patterning specifications; and, the erosion of process margins. In this environment, it has become necessary for IC manufacturers to: (1) utilize comprehensive strategies to find and control process and patterning variations at the source.

Winter Issue 2015

22 January, 2015


Addressing Thin Film Thickness Metrology Challenges of 14nm BEOL Layers

This paper describes a method to effectively monitor the film stack at different metal CMP process steps using a spectroscopic ellipsometer metrology tool. By proper modeling of the Cu dispersion and simulating the underlayer film information underneath the Cu pad, a single measurement recipe was developed which can be used to monitor each process step in the metal CMP process with stable and reliable results.

Spring Issue 2013

21 March, 2013


KLA's SensArray wafers provide a unique way -- not available through other means -- to monitor the effect of the process environment on semiconductor production wafers. Measurements are used by chipmakers and process equipment manufacturers to optimize and control their processes and process tools.

Process and equipment engineers alike utilize SensArray wafers throughout the fab for thermal information as an indicator of manufacturing equipment performance. With more advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies -- such as smaller design rules, new materials, and new structures -- temperature control is becoming more critical.

Summer Issue 2010

23 August, 2010


The 21st annual IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2010) was held July 11-13 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, in conjunction with this year’s SEMICON West and Intersolar North America conferences. The conference began with an interactive poster session and reception sponsored by KLA on Sunday, July 11. 21 papers were featured, authored by engineers from companies and universities from around the world. The rest of this year’s ASMC, held over July 12-13, consisted of 11 additional sessions presenting 49 technical papers, as well as three keynote speeches. The three keynotes, by Matt Nowak, Senior Director of Engineering, VLSI Technology Group, CDMA Technology Division, Qualcomm; Kalin Kuhn, Intel Fellow, Advanced Devices Technology, Intel Corporation; and Bill McClean, President, IC Insights. KLA partnered with IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, imec and Timbre Technologies to present 10 technical papers at the conference.

Summer Issue 2007

9 August, 2007
 Summer 2007: Volume 9, Issue 2


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