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29 June, 2018


Digging Deep into High Aspect Ratio Process Control for Memory Technology

Data is an integral part of our lives. Contrary to the past, where files had to be removed periodically to free up storage space, we now assume that our data will never be deleted. Why risk deleting the wrong file? Just keep them! This new approach consumes a lot of memory, and intensifies the demand for storage. Two of the main workhorses of the memory segment are NAND flash and DRAM. DRAM is, dynamic, volatile and very fast, making it well suited for short term system memory. Conversely, NAND, flash is non-volatile, which means it has good retention and can function well for long term low-cost, storage. Higher speed, higher density and lower bit cost have been the main goals for both of these, memory types as demand continues to increase.

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