Articles about 'Defect Review'

Summer Issue 2015

1 July, 2015

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Overlay and Film Metrology Systems for 5D Patterning Control Solution

KLA is driving improved patterning by addressing five elements of patterning control ─ the three geometrical dimensions of device structures, time-to-results and overall equipment efficiency. The Archer 500LCM overlay metrology system offers a wide range of measurement options and supports a range of overlay measurement target designs. The SpectraFilm LD10’s laser-driven plasma light source produces reliable, high-precision film measurements for a broad range of film layers.

Fall Issue 2011

25 October, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: ASMC 2010 Best Paper Award

Each year at the Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC), best paper awards for the conference- one professional, one student - are selected by the technical and steering committee members and presented at the start of the next year's event. This year at ASMC 2011 held in Saratoga Springs, NY, the best professional paper for ASMC 2010, sponsored by Entegris, was awarded to:

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Michael Guse, Michael Linnane, IBM Corporation; Nithin Yathapu, Bill Peterson KLA Corporation; Gerhard Lembach GLOBALFOUNDRIES for their paper, "Leveraging Blanket Wafer Film Inspection to Efficiently Characterize Root Cause for Lithographic Micro-Masking Patterning Defects". Congratulations!

Summer Issue 2008

4 August, 2008

Summer 2008 Volume 1

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