Articles about 'Cycle Time'

Spring Issue 2018

8 May, 2018


Following a previous issue that explored the 10 fundamental truths of process control, this series of Process Watch articles highlights additional trends in process control, including successful implementation strategies and the benefits for IC manufacturing. By understanding the fundamental nature of process control, fabs can better implement strategies to identify critical defects, find excursions, and reduce sources of variation. These articles touch upon a variety of topics: the ways fabs have found to reduce their environmental impact; the non-intuitive idea that adding process control steps can reduce process cycle time; the cost-effectiveness of detecting and correcting small process excursions; correlating inline metrology/inspection results to EOL yield; and calculating how much inspection data needs to be collected to determine whether or not a new process reduces particle count.

These Process Watch articles were originally published in Solid State Technology.

November 21 2017 Issue

21 November, 2017


This is the introduction to a series of 10 installments which will discuss fundamental truths about process control—inspection and metrology—for the semiconductor industry.
By fundamental, we imply the following:

  • Unassailable: They are self-evident, can be proven from first principles, or are supported by the dominant behavior at fabs worldwide
  • Unchanging: These concepts are equally true today for 28nm as they were 15 years ago for 0.25μm, and are expected to hold true in the future
  • Universal: They are not unique to a specific segment of process control; rather they apply to process control as a group, as well as to each individual component of process control within the fab

Summer Issue 2007

9 August, 2007
 Summer 2007: Volume 9, Issue 2


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