Winter Issue 2014

9 January, 2014

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Broadband Plasma Defect Inspection

Advanced defect detection, metrology, and review systems are utilized by IC manufacturers to ramp new processes, increase yield and ultimately increase profitability. KLA’s unique broadband plasma inspectors offer the most capable technology for discovering all of the yield-critical defect types on leading-edge devices.


Detecting Yield-limiting SiGe Defects for 28nm Ramping

For foundry fabs, detecting systematic yield-limiting defects is one of the most critical tasks during the R&D and ramp stages of the product life cycle. The sooner systematic defects can be identified, the faster fixes can be implemented to achieve a robust process. This, in turn, leads to shorter time-to-market, increased competitiveness for the foundry, and the potential reward of better profitability. This paper describes the methods used to detect a systematic yield-limiting defect type, SiGe ball, during the 28nm yield ramp.



A Novel Design-based Global CDU Metrology for 1X nm Node Logic Devices

As devices shrink to the 1Xnm node, controlling the critical dimension uniformity (CDU) of masks becomes critical for mask and wafer fabrication. This paper explores the feasibility of using a mask inspection tool with novel CDU metrology techniques (mCDU and iCDU) for logic masks. The benefits of these metrology techniques are that logic cell patterns can be measured directly and that massive measurement throughout the whole mask is possible. From mCDU and iCDU measurement results and the analysis, we have found that the CD errors in small regions can be detected due to high spatial resolution.




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