Summer Issue 2014

27 June, 2014

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: 5D Patterning Control Solution

KLA is driving improved patterning by addressing five elements of patterning control ─ the three geometrical dimensions of device structures, time-to-results and overall equipment efficiency. New systems drive performance throughout the fab ─ WaferSightTM PWG patterned wafer geometry measurement system, LMS IPRO6 reticle pattern placement metrology system, and K-T Analyzer® 9.0 advanced data analysis system.


Mask Contribution to Intra-Field Wafer Overlay

Shrinking wafer overlay budgets raise the importance of careful characterization and control of the contributing components. Traditionally, the mask contribution to wafer overlay has been estimated from measurement of a relatively small number of standard targets. However, comprehensive characterization of mask registration across a wide range of spatial frequencies and patterns can be used to obtain an accurate model to predict and correct for mask contribution to wafer overlay.



Inspection of Directed Self-Assembly Defects

One of the most critical challenges for translating Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) into high volume manufacturing is to achieve low defect density in the DSA patterning process. Defect inspection capability is fundamental to defect reduction as it provides engineers with information on the numbers and types of defects. The DSA process causes certain defects that are unique as they are nearly planar and have very little material contrast. In this investigation, etching the DSA pattern into a silicon substrate structure to enhance defect signal and signal-to-noise ratio is studied.


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