Summer Issue 2012

12 June, 2012

Introducing the Surfscan SP3 450

The Surfscan® SP3 450 is the first of KLA’s process control systems capable of handling and inspecting 450mm wafers. As a new configuration of the market-leading Surfscan SP3 platform, these fully-automated unpatterned wafer inspection systems feature unique deep ultra-violet (DUV) sensitivity and unique high-resolution SURFmonitorTM surface quality characterization to support sub-20nm node requirements. The Surfscan SP3 450 enables manufacturing process control for 450mm polished silicon and epitaxial silicon substrates and also delivers critical capability for manufacturers of 450mm process equipment, such as wet clean tools, CMP pads, slurries and polishers, film deposition tools and annealing systems.


13th Annual Lithography Users’ Forum

Lithography Challenges for (Sub 20nm) Semiconductor Technology Nodes

This LUF keynote presentation explores various technologies for scaling IC devices to follow Moore’s law. Several advanced patterning and layout optimization techniques for continued geometrical scaling in 193i lithography are discussed, including self aligned double patterning (SADP), directed self assembly and the move toward local interconnect layouts in advanced logic and SRAM devices. In addition, a comprehensive overview on the status of EUV lithography is presented, including an update on EUV resists, line width roughness and EUV masks. EUV lithography benefits are also examined, including its intrinsically higher resolution for printing patterns such as holes, trenches and high resolution cuts.

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Litho Defect Inspection

Accelerating Litho Technology Development for Advanced Design Node Flash Memory FEOL by Next-Generation Wafer Inspection and SEM Review Platforms

The use of a next-generation broadband optical inspector to detect yield-critical defects on FEOL ADI layers is investigated.

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Lithography Modeling

Application of Stochastic Modeling to Resist Optimization Problems

A stochastic resist model, calibrated to experimental data, is used to study the refinement of chemically-amplified resists for EUV lithography.



Overlay/CD Metrology

Apply Multiple Target for Advanced Gate ADI Critical Dimension Measurement by Scatterometry Technology

The metrology challenges and proposed solutions for implementing a production-worthy methodology for accurately monitoring focus and exposure at gate ADI are presented.

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First published in the Proceedings of SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, Feb, 2012, San Jose, California, USA.


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