Summer Issue 2011

12 July, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: 2011 Lithography Users’ Forum Keynote Presentation

Coinciding with the 2011 SPIE Advanced Lithography exhibition, KLA hosted its one-of-a-kind Lithography Users’ Forum (LUF). Annually, this event brings together the industry’s leading lithographers for networking, information sharing, and discussions surrounding challenges facing the industry and possible solutions.

The keynote address was given by Dr. Burn J. Lin, vice president of TSMC’s Nanopatterning Technology Division and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Micro/nanolithography, MEMS and MOEMS. Dr. Lin’s keynote, “Scope and Limit of Lithography to the End of Moore’s Law,” engaged a standing-room only audience of nearly 300 lithographers from around the world. Dr. Lin surmised that Moore’s Law will slow due to limitations related to devices, lithography, and the economy. Dr. Lin further examined the various ways in which the industry and technology is currently pushing the limits of Moore’s Law, including spacer-pitch splitting, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV), and multiple e-beam maskless lithography, while also discussing how each of these approaches face unique challenges. His presentation illustrated the need for ongoing research to drive solutions at smaller nodes, while reinforcing KLA’s value in advancing process control at these advanced geometries.


Overlay/CD Metrology

Scatterometry Measurement for Gate ADI and AEI Critical Dimension

Scatterometry-based metrology measurements of critical parameters on 28nm high k metal gate after-develop inspection and after-etch inspection layer structures are presented.

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Electron Beam Lithography

Demonstration of Lithography Patterns using Reflective E-beam Direct Write

The design, implementation and performance of a Reflective Electron Beam Lithography system is reviewed, including presentation of exposure tests done on device representative wafers.

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