Spring Issue 2013

21 March, 2013


KLA’s SensArray wafers provide a unique way — not available through other means — to monitor the effect of the process environment on semiconductor production wafers. Measurements are used by chipmakers and process equipment manufacturers to optimize and control their processes and process tools.

Process and equipment engineers alike utilize SensArray wafers throughout the fab for thermal information as an indicator of manufacturing equipment performance. With more advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies — such as smaller design rules, new materials, and new structures — temperature control is becoming more critical.


Defect Inspection Challenges and Solutions for Ultra-Thin SOI

The challenges and solutions for ultra-thin SOI inspection using a laser light scattering based system are explored, including a detailed investigation of the impact of reflectivity on haze, sizing and minimum threshold. This paper shows how the required sensitivity for 28nm and beyond SOI inspection was achieved using a commercially available unpatterned DUV inspection system.



Photomask Film Degradation Effects in the Wafer Fab – How To Detect And Monitor Over Time

As a result of repeated cleanings and exposure effects such as chrome migration or MoSi oxidation some photomasks in the semiconductor fabs exhibit changes in critical dimension uniformity (CDU) over time. Detecting these effects in a timely manner allows for better risk management and process control in manufacturing.



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